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It’s healthy to face adversity

An old friend used to tell me life is all about two things – to experience happiness and escape pain. While I don’t fully agree on what he said, it kept me pondering why we have the natural tendency to avoid hardships. Problems are always perceived equal to loneliness and hopelessness and much of our …

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The Painful Process

I just realized my blog entries for the past years were mainly two – reflection of the past year and expectations for the new year. What happened to my promise to blog once a month? Hehe. My bad. Perhaps it was the work that took its toll on me. Perhaps it was lack of inspiration. …

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Of loving your body

“Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold, you are beautiful!”

– Song of Solomon 4:1

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For Babs – Treasures in Trials

This post is inspired by my good friend, Giancarlo who I fondly call “Babs”. Once, when I visited him, he mentioned that he was reading my blog before but noticed I wasn’t updating it (my bad), so I promised I’ll post an entry for him. My friend Babs suffered a stroke during Valentine’s Day this …

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My Awesome LoveLife Retreat 3 Experience

I’ve been wanting to share my experience as a servant in the LoveLife Retreat Batch 3 last June 1-2, but was only able to squeeze writing today.  I attended the retreat as participant last February, I was in batch 2, and it was really awesome. I regret not having the time to blog about it, …

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