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May 2017 thoughts

When even writing seems like a chore.


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Thank you 2016, you were good

I am ready for 2017. Because God is already in it. I can’t wait to uncover what He has in store for me this year..

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The Conversation

It is only with him she felt so.. safe.

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It’s healthy to face adversity

An old friend used to tell me life is all about two things – to experience happiness and escape pain. While I don’t fully agree on what he said, it kept me pondering why we have the natural tendency to avoid hardships. Problems are always perceived equal to loneliness and hopelessness and much of our …

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The Pit of Ungratefulness

I, my father and two sisters would go in our home in Batangas every Friday night, and our 5-year old youngest brother, Miggy would always request for pasalubong without fail. His requests range from kiddie chocolates to toys and hero apparel depending on his mood and current cartoon show craze he’s in. Two weeks ago, his request …

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