Thank you 2016, you were good

When I think of 2016, I felt like it is the year I fed the millennial in me (though I’m in denial for being one). The YOLO chant, the travel while you’re young, the keep up with what’s everyone’s talking about. There are some unwise decisions made, some really struggling events but there are those moments that are for the books. I look back in 2016 and I saw God’s mercy all over, His faithfulness and His wanting to mold my character, His awkward silence and constant call to abide in Him.

It is probably the year I have most travels, so far. I’ve been to Puerto Galera with officemates, Iloilo-Guimaras-Gigantes with the #TravelBuddies, to Solano with college friends, to Singapore with my father, mother and youngest brother, to Boracay with my boyfriend’s family and my sisters. I particularly look back with fondness and amazement on our SG trip. It was a surprise to me, and I saw God’s hand in this. It is a prelude to our whole family trip set in 2017 and God knows how long I have looked forward to travel with my parents. Boracay was extra special, too as this was the moment I came closer to my boyfriend’s cousins and of course, the second proposal my fiancé (shocks, fiancé) had the courage to do.

There are also lot of outreach I was able to join, each experience an added compassion to my character, an added drive to be a blessing to many.

But I grew in responsibility and housekeeping (or did I?) :D I was forced to, my sisters were almost always out of the house and I deal with keeping a household because our unit has to be habitable. I prioritized relationships especially to my family, 2016 had us establish a monthly date with my sisters and we eat our heart out during those moments.

And probably one of my “greatest” achievement that year was shedding a few pounds. I was at my fattest state in 2015 and I vowed I will get back in shape last year. If there is one thing I learned by experience, it is that focus can take you to where you want. And I plan to extend healthy living in 2017, there is something about feeling good about your body and knowing you are healthy. It compels you to achieve greater things.

Finally, last Aug 29, 2016 at the foot of Mama Mary’s shrine in Monte Maria, the love of my life went down on his knees and asked me to marry him. :)

2016 is a roller coaster of emotions, promises fulfilled, relationships strengthened, questions answered, trials that kept coming back and wisdom gained. But so was years before that. What separates it are the reflections towards those experiences. The continuous striving to live a life with purpose and making each year your best yet.

I am ready for 2017. Because God is already in it. I can’t wait to uncover what He has in store for me this year.

Happy New Year! :)


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