It’s healthy to face adversity

An old friend used to tell me life is all about two things – to experience happiness and escape pain. While I don’t fully agree on what he said, it kept me pondering why we have the natural tendency to avoid hardships. Problems are always perceived equal to loneliness and hopelessness and much of our actions are geared towards avoiding adversity. But who escapes life unscathed, anyway? Yet, beautiful things arise from difficulties. There are treasures in trials. Here are some realizations I have towards meeting adversities:

  1. You discover things about yourself that only a problem can trigger. Like the fact that you are more resilient than you thought. You also realize you have more capacity to solve problems and you discover a higher level of intelligence you never knew existed. You somehow realize the vast greatness inside of you.
  2. You gain wisdom only a problem can unearth. So the next time you face another difficulty, you can look back and apply those nuggets of wisdom.
  3. You grow in character. Your attitude towards adversity improves to the point that when a problem approaches, you are somehow excited for it. You know breakthroughs normally comes after.
  4. You develop a life testimony that can encourage and motivate people who are in the same dilemma. You develop compassion for people because you have felt what they are feeling and experienced what they are going through.
  5. You are more prepared with the next level of assignment God has prepared for you.
  6. While you realize you are able to face difficulties more than ever, you also find out there are a lot of things beyond your control to which only God can solve. You learn to let go.

Everything that happens, God allows for a reason. We can never truly escape pain but take heart! Even through the trials, God is still good and has never stopped being faithful.


“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,  and endurance produces character, and character produces hope.”

-Romans 5:3-4, English Standard Version (ESV)


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