Long due post: Greater things at 26

Just turned 26 last October 28 so I decided to dedicate this post to fellow 26-ish (and those who can relate).

Lessons turning 26 has taught me, so far:

  1. I get in life what I set my mind to
  2. I realize it’s okay to pamper myself once in while (I once felt guilty doing this)
  3. People will always have differences. Respect.
  4. I find out that comparison kills happiness and gratitude
  5. I can be an ambassador of beauty and positivity. Yes, even if I’m not a celebrity or beauty queen
  6. The easiest way to be someone you want is to hang out (or stalk online!) the people who are now living the life you aim to have. My women life pegs are Rissa Singson-Kawpeng (on faith), Me-an Tee (on Church service), Hassie Manuel (on being peaceful), Emma Watson (on wisdom), Patty Laurel (on fashion and lifestyle), and Tara Cabullo (on blogging). But I admire them on other aspects of their lives. They simply radiate beauty, goodness and empowerment that I wanted to have without losing my personality
  7. It pays to delay gratification
  8. It’s okay not to find all answers or explanations. It’s okay not to attain clarity at this stage. The important factor is trust
  9. When in doubt, ask God
  10. Emergency fund is a necessity at this stage
  11. It’s priceless to give without expecting anything in return
  12. Ask, ask, ask. I saved time, heartache and resources just by asking (Google is a very informative and helpful friend)
  13. Prayer saves time. Prayer is underrated.
  14. Spending too much time on social media robs you of quality time with people
  15. Green tea does wonders to my health
  16. Finally, at the end of the day, God is the ultimate source of everything

The list is not exhaustive. These are just some things I have as I write now, but truly, daily life gives a lot of meaningful lessons.

Cheers to a purposeful and fantastic life!


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