What I’m believing for in 2015

January is the month of building goals for the year. It’s the time when I re-assess where I am currently in and where I want to go. I’ve created my faith goals for the year, the things I believe God will provide for in 2015. I listed faith goals for each area of my life – spiritual, health, financial, career and relationships. Notice that these items do not necessarily include all material things but intangibles as well. It’s good to grow in character and attitude along with financial progress, right? These things motivate me every day to live with enthusiasm and purpose, to be excited about new adventures and to be the best that God wants me to be. I know 2015 will be an even more awesome and abundant year simply because God promised it to be. And I believe.

Faith goals!

Faith goals!

Hopefully at the end of the year I can make an inventory count to determine which faith goals came to pass.

Do you also make a list of your faith goals? If not, I encourage you to make one and witness how it helps you achieve your dreams.

Happy 2015! :)


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