What I’m Grateful For In 2014

(Written December 27, 2014 but posted late. :) )

Five days to go and we’re saying goodbye to 2014!

But before it ends, I wanted to make it my personal tradition to summarize what the closing year meant most to me. I was thinking for days what impacted my 2014 most and I actually had a hard time choosing because beyond the heartaches and failures, 2014 was one of those years I can look back with nostalgic preference. It was the year I came closer to knowing my life purpose, celebrating my unique beauty, and slowly moving outside my comfort zone.

So I decided that 2014 for me is this two phrases – Mentoring and being mentored.

  1. 2014 is the year I first took the position of being a CG (caring group) head. It is included in my 2014 goals to become an effective CG head and devised­­ steps on developing myself to be one, but I can only attribute everything to the limitless grace of God. My personality was never the “head” or leader type. I prefer following than leading, listening than talking, but God just changed my concept of a leader. Now I believe heading these things require “servant-leadership”. The main requirement is not leadership skill but willingness to care and serve your members. And God has blessed me beyond I can wish for. Because of this responsibility, I am more inclined to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit, to seek guidance from my elders in the community and online, and to continuously grow my relationship with God so I can be more effective in being an example. Double-edged blessing. I also take delight that my social skills are developed, that I am even more confident in dealing personalities which contrasts mine and in voicing out my opinions. Yes, I was timid and passive before, my personality being predominantly introvert but it helped me so much to become assertive but still celebrating the personality that God gave me. God is molding me in ways I never thought possible.
  2. One of my blessings in 2014 is an iphone with data plan, free from my company. Because of this, I was exposed in the wonderful resource that is the internet. Of course I have to be selective, so I only follow personalities who can influence and virtually mentor me in different areas of life such as faith, finances, singleness, beauty and fashion and ministry. I cannot overemphasize the fact that it has helped me by leaps and bounds, and for free I should say. I was able to pick on the amazing brains of those personalities who were gracious enough to share their lives and expertise in public. I cannot discount the fact how being mentored and influenced positively has developed me closer to being the best that I can be.

With all the unexpected blessings, breakthroughs and developments in 2014, I am more than thrilled for what God has in store for me in 2015. I’ll reserve a separate post for my 2015 expectations.

Capping 2014 with a simple prayer of gratitude.

“Thank You Lord for all amazing things you have shown me and favors you have made me experience in 2014. For the heartaches turned life lessons, for the trials turned treasures, for the failures turned success milestones. I am thankful for the material and tangible blessings but most of all thank you for the gift of your presence and patience in my life. Thank you that you are molding me through all the experiences and people you have placed in my life. With you by my side, I can always hope for greater and greater things for the coming years.”



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  1. jpaulhernandez

    More to come =)

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