Tune my heart

I was feeling irritated this morning because I was rummaging through my bag and can’t find my iphone charger. Apparently, my sister took it since hers was broken (the dilemma of iphones). Then came my selfish heart. How insensitive of her! Does she think I will not be using my charger today (given the infamous short life of iphone batteries)? She texted to tell me she got it and my only reply was,” :( anu na gagamitin ko? She said sorry.

Convicted, I realized how quickly I attach myself to things. I suddenly prayed “Lord, change my heart”.

How quickly I forget to put relationships first. How abruptly I wanted to make sure that my “needs” are met (by “needs” I mean that my battery would last so I can use my 3G. But okay, so that was just a want) without being sensitive to others. And how I focus on that problem instead of thinking for a solution (like I can borrow a charger from my officemate).

How my heart needs tuning.

Tune, steady, redeem my heart every day, Lord. It is selfish on its own.

“I say to the Lord, You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.” –Psalm 16:2, NIV


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