For Babs – Treasures in Trials

This post is inspired by my good friend, Giancarlo who I fondly call “Babs”. Once, when I visited him, he mentioned that he was reading my blog before but noticed I wasn’t updating it (my bad), so I promised I’ll post an entry for him.

My friend Babs suffered a stroke during Valentine’s Day this year which was mainly due to high level of sugar in his body, and it came out a great challenge to his family and to us his friends though we’ve been warning him of the possible complications of his oversize body. But this post is not to dwell on the sickness but to highlight the ray of light out of his current condition.

Towards a healthier body

Babs had tried a lot of times before to trim down his weight, but to no avail. Because of his current condition, he found that emotional reason to follow a particular healthy diet. Now, he lost more than 50 lbs! His meal is mostly vegetables and fish. Three cups of white rice before is now turned to a half cup of red rice. No more soda and drinks with high sugar content. He hits the gym twice a week now. Just look at the photos below:

Before and After

Before and After

Change in perspective

Babs believes this is his second life. He was given a second chance to live, another chance to appreciate more the life that he has. And I am a witness to his transformation. He moves a lot now, unlike before when he was too lazy to move. His story is something that is worth pondering on.

Sometimes, God allows big blows in our lives- lost of job, heartbreaks, stroke- because only in those dark and painful moments are we most capable to change. If Babs did not experience that stroke, he probably would have stayed the same with a looming health condition. That’s why I’ve always believed that our greatest trials will be our greatest treasures, our brokenness can be an inspiring story. And when we respond positively to the challenge, our breakthrough comes and we are transformed to a better version of ourselves.

Eight months after that sudden sickness, I believe Babs is now in a much better and healthier state. And perhaps I should stop calling him Babs. It does not suit him anymore.


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