My First Feeding Program Experience

(Note: I’ve been wanting to post this weeks ago but I was waiting for the pictures. However, I still don’t have the pics, so I’m posting this for now and will update this with pics later.)

Last July 20, 2013, our youth organization, Kabatak Org, conducted our first feeding program for the school year in Jaybanga Elementary School, Jaybanga , Lobo, Batangas (As of published time, we have conducted three so far) .  It is one of our organization’s advocacy to help and reach out to students of the town in ways we can.

Going there

Jaybanga is an almost one hour ride from our barangay (Masaguitsit). It is primarily an upland barangay, the view there is majestic. We were six in Sir Ringo’s 4×4 car. Two other members were in convoy with us through their motorbike, while four members spent overnight there to hasten our preparation. What was embarrassing was that I was late to wake up, and so ruined the scheduled 6am leave (Sorry!!!!). It was drizzling when we went uphill, the roads are slightly slippery. On our way to the elementary school where the roads are still not cemented, the car had a hard time struggling its way through the muddy road. We were also obliged to leave our car and walk our way to the school when we learned that certain roads are not passable due to the rains. Another mistake was that I wore shoes! Good thing Sir Ringo offered his slippers. (Thank you so much!!) I also thank Joel and Rj for guiding me through the muddy road and when crossing the river. I failed to mention I was the only girl in the group, so I was always behind, always causing the delay. Peace! :)


We briefly stopped on Mam Emy’s house (a Jaybanga Elem School teacher), then proceeded to the school. Upon arrival, we split into two groups – five of us to cook the soup and prepare the food and the rest to be engaged on entertaining the children. I was tasked to assist Bualaw on entertaining the kids.

The program

To be honest, we did not prepare for the flow of the program.  But I guess that’s where our strength lies. We can manage to come out with a program spontaneously. Thanks to the ever amazing Bualaw! We started the program with a prayer, and then taught the kids some creative claps. We then briefly introduced ourselves.  Afterwards, we presented a dance number. (Yes, I was included. Those were the really rare times I dance. I can dance because very few personally know me there. Hehe.) We asked the kids to dance along with us. After that, we engaged the kids into some games such as “bring me”, “group yourselves”, and “pahabaan”. It was really nice to see the kids have so much fun! We also put on dance contest on the tune of Psy’s “Gentleman”. The kids who really love dancing were so cute, any tiredness we felt was worth it.

Feeding program

We did the feeding in two batches – Kinder to Grade 3 for the first batch and Grades 4 to 6 for the second batch. While first batch were eating, we engaged the kids grades 4 to 6 into some motivating games such as “paint the picture”, “arrange yourselves according to”, and “pass the message”. Some bloopers during the game made the programs lively and fun! Of course all of the games and contests have corresponding prizes. We gave away school supplies to the winning students.


Upon finishing the feeding program, we assembled the kids again and thanked the school management for allowing us to conduct the community service during that weekend. Then we told the students to expect Santa Claus this Christmas for they surely will be rewarded, and that they must study hard to have their gifts. Their expectant faces were so full of hope and anticipation and joy at the same time.

My Take Home:

  1. The activity stripped of any (remaining) vanity I had. From walking through muddy roads and crossing stony rivers, to allowing myself be soaked up under the sun and be sweaty and haggard until the end of the activity, it was indeed an experience I will truly treasure. And I’m looking forward for more.
  1. Evident on the kids’ faces are the joy and hope brought by the activity we conducted. Some even told us, “nabitin” siya, and he hopes the activity could be a whole day event. With that, my soul felt joy.
  1. At the end of the day, I give back to God all the glory.

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