Just thought this is worth sharing! Was touched by this one! :)

the writer is IN

It’s a fine Sunday morning and I’m out early.  I’m meeting someone over coffee, a friend whom I haven’t talked to in a while.  I’ve chosen a quiet corner at our favorite coffee shop to sit down and talk.  As expected, he’s right on time.  Looking at him, having been friends for so long, I can’t help but be grateful that he hasn’t change.  My!  I’ve missed him.  I didn’t realize it until now.  Fortunate for me, no matter how much time or distance come between us, he’s still the same.  He’s always there for me.

The funniest thing about our friendship is that, no matter how bad I try to hide it, somehow, he always know what I’m about to say.  He always knows exactly how I feel, precisely what I’m going through.  He knows me that well.  And it is this familiarity and sense of…

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