My Awesome LoveLife Retreat 3 Experience

I’ve been wanting to share my experience as a servant in the LoveLife Retreat Batch 3 last June 1-2, but was only able to squeeze writing today.  I attended the retreat as participant last February, I was in batch 2, and it was really awesome. I regret not having the time to blog about it, but I regard that as my freedom day!

However, I wasn’t prepared for what God had for me as a servant on the last retreat.  Being a participant was an amazing experience but being a servant was pure bliss! I mean, I cannot fully comprehend and explain the feeling. But it was humbling, empowering, renewing and upgrading to the next level kind of experience. Sorry, I’m not so good in expressing myself, but I think what I mentioned is underrated.

To be honest, I was half-hearted to serve as the retreat approaches since I also have an event during the week which I know would stress me out, and I only wanted to rest for that weekend. But thank God, I still went on. Because I surely could have missed those wonderful realizations and experiences.

I was part of the admin team, but during the retreat I was most of the time in the vigil room, interceding for the retreatants. And I found it truly “christifying”. I have never imagined myself praying intensely for long hours. I have never done that, but during the retreat, it came effortless in my part. And it was, I believe, purely God’s grace. I felt God’s presence. I believe God touched me. I really felt the need to intensely pray that God touch the lives of the retreatants.

And service came gracefully because of my co-servants. Their unwavering faith, relentless commitment, and pure heart just inspired me to become better in my service to God. Because of them, I asked the question, “What is my motive for serving?”. Was it just because I want to return the favor I got when I was just a participant? Was it because I expect to be blessed and rewarded? And I found the answer through the very loving, selfless, fun, and probably the best team of servants! The answer that came to me – I serve because everything is about Jesus. It’s not about me, or the leaders, or the participants.

Before, I thought serving is suffering. Yes it is, in one part. You have to sacrifice your time, effort, resources. But on the other side of it, service is a wonderful way to live out a purposeful life. And it can be fun, too!

Before I end, I’d like to share this song which touched me during the retreat (and is still touching me until now).

“It’s all about You, Jesus..”



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