Clarity: Know your What, Why, and How

(Note: This reflection came out in Ortigas Feast Bulletin this week. A dream come true! :))) )

“So, gusto ko mag-thank you sa’yo. Mas bata ka sa’ken pero mas may natutunan ako sa’yo. Good luck, ha.”

Those were the words of one of my seniors (supervisor) in the accounting firm I previously worked with. (I recorded it in my journal :) ) I was teary when I received that message. She told me she also decided to resign, and I was one of her inspiration to do that.

Last August 2012, I made one brave decision – I resigned from being an auditor and worked for a private company.  It was brave because some of my co-associates and almost all of my seniors and managers opposed to the decision. They said I was too young to go out, and I’ll lose a bigger opportunity which awaits seasoned auditors. They also told me I still have a lot to learn from the firm, and if I’ll stay a little longer, I can come out and demand higher position and salary. I cannot argue with them because that was true. What made it even harder was the fact that I can be promoted to senior associate if I’ll stay.

What determined me to resign despite all the opposition? CLARITY. “Decision making is difficult only when you are not clear about what’s most important to you”, as Bro. Joel discussed in his talk. I nodded in agreement upon hearing it. During those times of decision making I was clear of WHAT I want (VISION), of WHY I want it (VALUES), and HOW I will achieve it (VEHICLE).

First, I am clear of what I want – I want to live a meaningful life. The toxicity and demands of being an auditor hindered me to have one. I wanted to serve God through a Feast ministry but can’t. I wanted to spend quality time with my family but can’t. I wanted to value each and every minute God has given yet I have no choice but to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, and render working hours even on weekends. I wanted to provide financially and help my family more but can’t. I wanted to live a simple, purposeful life, and I know I will achieve it if I take the first step of going out of that job.

Second, I am clear of why I want it. I want it because I value precious hours with my family and friends (which was taken away by the demands of the job), and I value my health and well-being (being an auditor left me no choice but take all the stress and hustle of the job). And though I know I am foregoing a big opportunity, I went on. Because what I value are far greater than a secured future and financial stability.

Lastly, I was clear on how I would achieve it. And the first thing I need to do was to resign.

My current situation allows me to have the life I wanted before – more valuable time with my family, opportunity to serve God in the Feast, freedom to commit my time to what matters to me, and valuing my health (I can now have 8 hours of peaceful sleep!). God gave me a bonus – He provided for the desired salary I prayed for. Now I take the responsibility of financing my sister’s studies.

But to me, this is just the effect of wanting to follow Jesus. Because He gave me the Vision – He planted in my heart the dreams that matters most to me; He reminds me of the Values I should consider in every decision I would make; and He provides for the Vehicle to get there.

People are hungry for people who have Vision, Values and Vehicle. A lot of people are lost, and needs guidance. And while we can do our share of influencing them, we must always bear in mind that influencing means leading them to Jesus. Because it is only Him who can give them the clarity they long for.


“Then Jesus said to them, Follow Me…” –Mark 1:17


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