If you only knew the Father

“There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”― Corrie ten Boom

Our first topic in Prayer and Life Workshop (PLW) inspired me to write.

It is a workshop wherein we are taught of different prayer methods for fifteen weeks. It’s amazing to know we can communicate to God in a variety of ways, not just the usual prayer we are used to. There certainly would be one or more that suits each personality.

When asked to share which of the topics had strucked us so far, I volunteered (this is a very rare event) and shared that the topic “If you only knew the Father” had an enormous impact on me.

Fr. Ignacio’s message pierces through my heart and for each instance of saying “If you only knew the Father”, I am nearly moved to tears. Because my image of the Father before was far different from what He really is. That He is a compassionate God, patient and merciful, and He delights in me. That His love and grace is available to righteous and sinners abound, that His love is not monopolized to few chosen people. That He brings the sun to shine even to undeserving people like us. That He is too big for any mistake and sins we’ve committed. That His unconditional love is the reason why we are all here. It maybe too basic that we take it for granted.

And this moves me to respond to His love, not out of mere fear or obligation, but for the sole reason of love.

God’s love is something that I may not totally comprehend with my limited mind. I may write about it and not fully cover it. But that does not keep me from receiving it.

“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.” –Romans 8:38 NLT


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