Grateful :)

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It is not easy for me to speak my mind. Perhaps because I’ve encountered lots of instances when I wasn’t listened to. Or maybe it is the fear of being judged, rejected or looked down on. Or maybe it was just my personality. Being a phlegmatic, I’d rather listen than speak, passively follow than lead, observe than act. And perhaps it is the reason why I am passionate about writing my thoughts. This way, I can freely express myself without being interrupted, with the reader’s comments not readily available or spoken right to my face.

That’s why it is a treasure when I find people who, despite my weird thoughts, can lend an ear and appreciate me. That is why I love being in our community – Light of Jesus Family. Sabi nga ng isang bago kong kaibigan from the community, nagtatransform daw ako. He sees me as the quiet type but when I got passionate about speaking, I become unstoppable! (Sorry. Please bear with me. Speaking  comes rarely ) :)

And they don’t stop from listening. They bring out the best in me by encouraging me to develop my potential, to serve with a passionate heart, to fully live! One of the greatest blessings in my life is having them. I am inspired to become a better person each day, to celebrate the goodness of life, their humility and service floors me. They strengthen my desire to follow Jesus.

This is for my dear sisters and brothers in Christ Debbie, Yan, Bevs, Russel, Ruby, Beng, Ellen, Rey and Erick. Thank you for making me feel loved and accepted as I am. I now truly love life because of you. :)

“We are the Body of Christ, we are the Body of Christ. Together bringing His love to the world.”



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