Beginning the year

(This one’s a bit late… ) :)


Last day of the year. I have my head in two directions. One is looking back on the year we’ll say goodbye a few hours later. One is looking forward to the year to come. As I remember what 2012 has brought me, I can’t help but smile. A lot of dreams have come true. Answered prayers. New friends. Strengthened relationship with the Lord. Abundance in finances. As I write this, tears involuntarily stream down my cheeks. I am again overwhelmed by God’s love and faithfulness. I witnessed His power and might as He poured out His grace and mercy on me. True enough, “I tasted that the Lord is good.” This year was a blast. A year of tremendous transformation on my part. And I’ll always be left in awe. Of how He can mysteriously weaves events so He can make sure I’m always on His side, or how He can simply remind me during my stillness of how wonderful He thinks of me. Now I’m about to embrace a new year with great expectations. With all the good things God has already made, how can I not expect the best? I believe 2013 will be a better year, with greater things, producing a greater me, and with the great Lord on my side. :)


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