My journey to financial freedom

Lately, I’ve been busy reading internet blogs and e-books discussing financial freedom. I am amazed on some of the stories of Filipinos thriving to achieve it while helping other Filipinos also achieve financial freedom. Personally, I’ve encountered the concept of “financial freedom” when I received the book “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach as a Christmas gift on my first year of work (Thank you Sir Leo). It is there that I learned some useful ideas such as “pay yourself first automatically”, and “investing in mutual funds”. Though the author is an American, I became interested in the idea of mutual funds and researched over the internet about it. But because I do not have enough time to learn about it (and probably not enough funds that time), I somehow forgot about it. By the way, my idea of financial freedom is this – that if you decide to retire from your work which gives you active income, you can still spend the rest of your life comfortably while still giving and sponsoring charity works. In this case, it can also be called “financial peace of mind.”


Now you may think that I’m too materialistic, or that I focus too much on acquiring wealth. Well for me, wealth and money are blessings from God. And blessings are meant to be shared. So the real purpose of my journey to financial freedom really is that I can give more. Retiring worry free is just second to it.

Wealth could be hard-earned by you, yes, but its source is still God, thus spending (and investing) money wisely is honoring God.


One of my steps in acquiring it is through investing in the stock market. Last May 2012, when I received my midyear bonus, I decided that I’ll take Php5, 000 and use it to open an account in COL Financial, Inc. COL (CitisecOnline) Financial, Inc. is an online stockbroker which aims to “help the Filipino investor achieve financial freedom and ensure long-term shareholder value”.


However, because the salary on my previous job is just enough to cover my daily expenses and helping my family, I was not able to add amount to it. Personally, that was one of the motivating factor I had upon resigning – having a higher paying work so I can continue investing in the stock market. Thank God He’s supporting my plans. :)


So the moment I got my first month salary in my current job, I enrolled my COL account in BDO so transferring funds will be automatic and hassle-free, and I’ve been putting in small amounts since then. Yey! :)


I am still a kindergarten, learning and acquiring much knowledge in this area, but I also would love to share whatever I’ve learned to those who also would like to be financially free someday. So from time to time, I’ll be posting bits of information I acquire, and along the way, may I help enlighten same students as I am.

P.S. The Philippine Stock Exchange Index is experiencing record-breaking highs. Today (Nov. 26, 2012), it gained 0.49% gain to close to 5,579.42. This means positive outlook to the Philippine stock market. Now is the right time to invest! Happy investing! :)





  1. Juli

    Perfffffect :>

  2. Is it worth the risk? Hehe kakatakot kasi mag-invest..

    • There are a lot of investing tools having minimal risk. But of course all investments comes with risk. If you do not want to be stressed about managing your own portfolio, you can invest in mutual funds. A mutual fund manager who is capable and expert will do investing for you. Invest na! :)

  3. can you be my mentor to guide me on the road to Financial Freedom? :)

    • my pleasure. :) but I’m also learning. :))

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