My soul sings..

I just love this song. It’s a regret does not support music/video player embed. I need to purchase space upgrade if I want one. For the meantime, here are the lyrics of the song. I hope you can get to hear it, too. Here is a link to their live performance (Thanks, Tessa for suggesting!)

It’s soothing to the soul. :)


My Soul Sings by Delirious

from the album Kingdom of Comfort / My Soul Sings

Open my eyes and see
The wonderful mystery of love
Falling into You
I’m drawn to the gravity of love

We’re standing still
In a moment of eternity
Where worlds collide
And I feel the breath of heaven over me

My soul sings
My soul sings
My soul sings
How I love You



  1. You can put a video URL instead.. Like those in youtube.. :)

  2. I already did! Thanks girl! <3

  3. girl try this.. go to “add media”, click “From URL”, click “Audio, video” then paste the URL address..

    • Yey! Oks na! Thanks so much girl! Mwah! :)

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