The Birthday Gift

“Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of you to the world..”

It was my birthday yesterday. I just turned 18. (It isn’t obvious) ;D
It was supposed to be just an ordinary day except that I had extraordinary eyes to perceive it to be extraordinary. I do not have enough “liquid” cash left before my birthday. (I just had Php186 in the bank and Php100 in my wallet. Swear). I did not notice it until a day before my birthday when I wanted to prepare a little “party” to celebrate my birthday with family and few close friends. That’s where I became weary. For a minute. Then I realized, this is going to be fun! I think I heard God whispered to me – “Let me handle this, my daughter. Just be happy tomorrow.”

Would you believe I even took “siesta” on my birthday? :D
Upon waking up, I noticed my mom was busy cooking. I glanced at our table; there are heeping bowls of spaghetti and pancit. Wow. I indeed would be celebrating my birthday. :)
My dad also bought me a cake.
I have a cousin with the same birthday. She was born during my 18th birthday. I am quite privileged since they name her after me, which is according to my Ninong who is her father (She’s Arianne Trisha). Here is our pic:

Photo credits – Angel Atienza

After eating with my family, and since it is one of my refreshing habits when in Lobo, I look in the sky beneath our windows. I was holding my breath for a few seconds. Gosh, the sky was soooo lovely and magnificent, I felt God’s embrace. I can’t even begin to describe it. And I heard God say, “You are more beautiful than this sky, Aia

Photo credits – Angel Atienza

I silently said my thanksgiving. I felt blessed beyond measure, beyond words, beyond any material possessions. God has indeed immeasurably blessed me even if I do not deserve it. For 24 years of my life. And perhaps even before I was born. He was there, creating me individually, putting up talents and gifts He wants me to use to bless the world, planting dreams in my heart, giving me desires to fulfill according to His purpose.

Right there, I felt completely, perfectly, unconditionally loved.
I even forgot to make a birthday wish. :)



  1. belated happy birthday aya! :) glad you enjoyed your day.. :))

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