Another Dream to Come True

Just got the Benchsetter Fun Meet invite. And their guest is no other than – Lee Min Ho! Wooo!
He’s a long time crush and one of my dreams is actually to see him in person, even just a glimpse of him. I even had this crazy idea of going to Korea and hunt him. :D
But the good Lord probably might be wanting to give me something special on my birthday (He always does, anyway)
I’ve known that Lee Min Ho would visit the Philippines this year last July. So I told God, “Lord, baka naman po pwedeng makita ko siya?” But I do not have any idea then how.
Then my sister who is so active on social networking sites informed me of the Benchsetter Fun Meet activity with Lee Min Ho. Right there and then I decided I would go for it.
So here it is, after purchasing Php1,500 worth of Bench products with atleast one Bench fix product, I am one ticket away from seeing my ultimate crush!! Yey!!!

Photo credits – my sister Angel Atienza

The Php1,500 payment comes with Bench products so it’s indeed a good deal. Upon buying in Megamall, we’ve been informed by the cashier that we were penultimate in purchasing patron tickets. To that I just muttered, “Thank you, Lord”. A dream to be fulfilled. See you, LMH! <3


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