Para kanino ka bumabangon?

You know that famous Nescafe commercial. I have a fond memory of it during my auditor days. My engagement manager teasingly responded to that question with “Paano ka babangon kung hindi ka naman humiga?” And he told it during my very first O.N. (over night) in the firm. How memorable.

Yet on a serious note, the question provokes me to answer. Because these past “adjusting” days to my new work disrupted the routine I was once inclined to. My new work requires me to wake up each day earlier than usual. I now wake up before 6am. Our current situation in the house also pushes me to go out and buy for our breakfast, unlike before when I would not need to because food is already prepared by my relatives. I also abandoned the comfort of riding in a van/fx to work. I now patiently wait and ride on a bus to work. This disruption somehow took its toll on me.

Unlike before when I have quiet times with God after waking up, I can hardly give it to Him these past few days because of rushing. Silent and comfortable times in the van/fx before are also replaced with boisterous bus riders and sometimes inconvenient situations when I was not given the chance to sit while riding especially on rush hours (but thank God for polite men who offer their seat). Right then and there I’ve got negative emotions due to my not-so-pleasing situations. The struggle of “finding my place” in the office which I discussed in my previous blog entry adds up to the negativism of the situation. Or so I thought.

I realized it is not indeed the situation that changed, it is my heart. Because the world may offer me a thousand reasons to fret, to be discouraged, to lose optimism; but it is up to me on how I would respond to those. When my heart became fragile, I almost succumbed to the enemy’s plan of ruining my decision to focus on God. And in these trying times, I can only do one thing – embrace all these changes with the trust that God won’t take me to places where His grace cannot protect me. What’s more, I now have a new routine I am slowly adapting to.

Upon waking up, I immediately rise. While walking to buy our breakfast, I look up to the heaven and thank God for yet another day. While walking, I pray. One of my favorite activities is appreciating the beauty of the sky. I marvel at it. Today, God smiled at me. I know because He even emphasized the beauty of the heavens through the flock of birds flying with synchronization. Deep inside, joy fills my heart.

These days, I wake up excited for the work God gave to bless me (so I can be a blessing to other, too), for the opportunity to be aware of His divine presence even on “ordinary” activities such as walking and buying our breakfast, for the realization that commuting in a bus is hard which pushes me to work hard so one day I’ll have my own car, for all the opportunities to serve, love, comfort, encourage the people He sends my way, for reminding me that I am His beloved daughter, for giving me countless reasons to be grateful.

Indeed, He is the greater reason to rise up. With a smile.

Great is His faithfulness, His mercies begin afresh its morning.” – Lamentations 3:23

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