SGV. The sound itself is intimidating. Ironically, what I gained there was more than what I sought. It tested me. Molded me. Changed me. I wasn’t prepared for its demands, but succumbed to it. And it opened my eyes to much reality I never knew. It brought out the best in me when it gave me the worst. I was like a piece of stone crushed, mortified, pressed, ablazed. But after that, I came out a seasoned diamond. It deliberately made me realize my potential, pushed me to my limits, tested my patience, and it left me persevering more.

I was once asked by an HR Manager of a company I applied when I was exploring employment opportunities, “What was the greatest challenge you encountered so far?” My answer came in an instant – “Working in SGV”. I cannot explain why, but those experiences actually inspired me to the core.

It was both humbling and exalting. Humbling in the sense that I’ve got to do little works such as photocopying and scanning documents (whether client related or admin), delivering important documents to clients (even if it means walking along Ayala in a scorching noon not to mention those “rushing” and “hurrying” moments when you force yourself to deliver as fast as you could so as to beat the client’s dreaded deadline because “SGV always meets deadlines”).And it was also in its extremes when I got rare opportunities of interviewing a Company’s VPs, Controllers, or even President themselves (thanks for the walkthroughs), or having an exquisite lunch meeting with them, the firm’s partners and leaders picking up great ideas from their clever brains and aspiring to have even an inch of their ingenuity, or peculiar to me, the chance of working with Accountancy’s best– topnotchers.

But the best part of it was the people I was with day in and day out. They were those who laughed, cried, failed, strived, and celebrated with me on possibly every event during my stay. I spent more time with them more than the hours I spent with my family. Unknown to them, I was changed by their various personalities, each one of them adding immense influence in my life.

I figured that God has reasons for bringing me there. And it didn’t take me decades to unearth them. And now that I am out of SGV, I bring with me all the best learning, wisdom, and skill it taught but most importantly, I carry with me the relationships established and the better person it made me.



  1. miss you ate aya! (-.-)

  2. Maee! you’ll be having a blog na din? How are you?Miss you too! :))

  3. JR Emlano

    Good job!

    • Thanks sir! As I’ve said, you are the greatest influence I had in SGV. :))

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