I am writing this post as I am currently enjoying my vacation leave(!)
I am here in our house in Lobo, Batangas and savoring each moment. I’m looking outside our window and realized how wonderful our place is.. I love this breezy afternoon, where coconut palms sway happily, where mountains look so achievable, the sky with the sun setting seems majestic with its magnificent golden color, and I could hear the sound of sea waves.. I simply love this… :)

I am alone at the moment but this gives me immeasurable peace.. Hay.. This overwhelming joy seems to overcome me.. And heal me.. I am indeed joyful and cheerful..

But I realized one thing – why despite the fact that I’ve gone to several beautiful places my heart can only settle here, as if I’m a fanatic who cannot forget this town’s simple beauty.. It’s not actually the place, it’s the people that make the place… and given a good opportunity? Yes, I can give up a promising career in Manila, and just settle here. Some may find it lunatic but I cannot calculate the immense peace and joy this place could give me. And yes while writing this, I’m teary eyed. God whispered that He wants me to be at home here. This is where I could feel Him most… :)

Photo credits – http://www.philippinebeaches.net/2011/01/sumagitsit-beach-in-lobo-batangas/, http://www.viewphotos.org/philippines/images-of-Lobo-2080.html


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  1. manet

    i miss you na aia! ingat ka jan! :)

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