The perks of being single

This one turned out due to popular insistent demand. (Though she’s only one, she was persistent) I dedicate this post to my lovely area-mate (for the sake of her privacy, let’s just call her Manette. :)) and to all sharing the same sentiments as ours.
I was thinking of a suitable title when i happen to glimpse on this book on my area – “The perks of being a wallflower”, owned by my equally lovely friend Juli. I’m biased, she treated us on dinner the other night. Hehe.
Ok, straight to the point and as the title suggests, I decided to list down, for the life of me, advantages of being and remaining single at this stage of life. Your reason could be by choice or by circumstance (and I noticed mine is both). Nonetheless, I would love to suggest ways how you can look at your being single as a blessing and not as a curse and how you can squeeze a lot of life out of it. :)
1. Less cost and expenses – Because I am frugal, this would be number one on my list. Haha. :) Imagine having a boyfriend, that means constant dates, lunch and dinner together and lots of expensive gifts for possibly every occasion of your lives. Those could have been spent on investments for your future, or being enrolled for a course/new learning you wanted to take, or splurged on nice dress/shoes, or even saved for your family. Also, it’s being exempted from always having to worry about cellphone load so you could keep up with the communication.
2. More time to develop yourself – Being single is also a wonderful time to know more about yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, aspirations, dreams, what you like and don’t like for your boyfriend-to-be, developing skills which would matter most on the latter years of your life, being emotionally mature so that when OTL comes along, you are very well ready. Personally, my aim is to learn cooking a lot of dishes, one each week, so when OTL comes along, I can cook for him. :)
3. “Bridesmaid pa din, kaya makakapili pa din” – Yey. As the song goes, “it’s sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along..” Being single means having the power to choose! You do not have to worry about being stucked on one man who turn out to be “not meant for you” after all. This also means you still have the chance to select among those who will happen to pursue you. It also implies not feeling guilty if you happen to be friendly/date/go out with different guys. How cool is that? :)
4. You own your time – When you are single, you can do absolutely every activity humanly possible as much as you want. That is, without worrying whether your supposed-to-be boyfriend will permit you. Or not really having fun on those activities since you have to attend to your boyfriend’s needs. That also means you have lots of time to sleep (some boyfriends want to talk with you til the wee hours of the morning), spend time with girlfriends (some boyfriends would want that you make him the center of your universe), and a lot more!
5. Free from emotional rollercoasters – If you are single, then you are definitely free from immature issues, petty fights, compromised beliefs and unintentional pains. Thus, being single is living a stress-free life. Need I say more?
A lot could still be included in this list but enumerating them could mean writing a book. Hehe. And this is just based on my perspective.
In this wonderful time of waiting always remember that anything worth having is worth waiting :)
And it is my prayer that when someone approaches and asks you the previously dreaded question “Bakit single ka pa din?”, with all the confidence you could muster, you can proudly answer “Because I just love hearing that question..”
Yessss! :)

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  1. Juli

    Naxxxx, there’s like that?! Hahaha, I love this post, bebe. Because my name was mentioned, chos. “Because I just love hearing that question…..” FTW

    :: Nothing worth having ever comes easy :>

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