A Random Letter for my OTL :)

March 28, 2012
To my one true love,
I have been searching you all my life and have been wondering all along when I will meet you, or if I have already met you at some point, or maybe you are one of my friends now, but just failed to notice.
And yes, I have failed to recognize you all along, fooled by some and even fooled by myself that I have already found you and within grasp. Coz I know you aren’t yet, and I was just pretending, or maybe I was just hard headed to convince myself that I should just wait. All this time I know I had a distorted perception of you.
I’ve been hurt a lot of times for the wrong notion that I already have you. I have placed myself in a predicament I cannot recover from and I realized that the more I seek and hold you, the more you tend to become elusive. So now I have decided to just stay still and wait for that perfect moment when I would finally have you.
I wonder where you are right now, what you are doing, or if you were already born at this moment (just kidding). I wonder what you’ve been through. Have you been hurt, too? Are you also being transformed by Him at this moment? Would you like me at the first time you’ll see me? Have I unknowingly seen you all this time while passing along streets or riding in a public transportation vehicle or maybe in the same place at a certain point of time? Do you also think of me as much as I think of you? Would you accept my weaknesses?
Be still. Perhaps God is making a grand plan for which our love story will unfold and inspire many. Maybe at this point too, He is still completing His work on you as much as He does to me.
Anyway, just to let you know, I’m preserving myself for you.
Til then! I’ll give you this love letter when I have found you. And when you read this letter, please note that many days before we meet, I have been praying for you all along. And if you have this, it means I know in my heart, you are the one. And I wouldn’t have doubts and worries. I just know. My heart tells me. God tells me. And He tells me more to love and serve you for all my life.
I love you. I’ll see you soon and we will create a wonderful life together, right?

Patiently waiting for you,



Phot credits – knightrazor.deviantart.com



  1. manet

    inspired. thanks aia! :)

    • Yey.. :) We’re both waiting for our OTL. :)

  2. intense! lol.. in God’s perfect time, you’ll meet him.. happy for you! :)

    • You too. Mamimeet din natin si OTL. hehe. :))

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