Great things happen when we feel like giving up :)

Been so inspired lately. Can’t help but smile. Whenever I think of that moment, my breakthrough, tears swell my eyes and I feel overwhelmed by His love. To better reiterate and for the record, let me give you a short narration of my miracle.

Earlier this year, I was indecisive of what to do. (Please refer to my blog entry – “Cross road”). But on that moment, I chose to leave the firm. Anxious that I was just deciding through emotions, I let it pass and told myself I’ll decide when my thoughts are clear, when my mind is not cluttered with disappointments and failing health. I know I should make a decision when I am at peace. So I waited til the busy season is over. I presented this decision to God, and told Him that initially I plan to resign and seek better employment opportunities. By better I mean, higher paying job, more quality time with my family and myself and probably able to “live life fuller”. Because truly, I cannot discount the fact that staying in the firm is still a good choice. Playing it safe, I’ll still be gaining a lot of wonderful learning from the firm.

So I started applying, I’ve attended interviews and was even offered by some. However, that one job isn’t still in sight. I prayed and was specific of what I want for a job and none at that moment would want me jump from my current job. I’ve patiently went through one interview to another. Then one day it came. I wasn’t the one who looked for it. It searched me.

But it wasn’t the end of the story. After going through HR interview, the Finance Manager of the company told me they prefer applicants with more years of experience. I became disappointed, and it made me grew anxious. In my mind I thought I won’t stand a chance on it.

Two weeks before promotion, I was still in limbo. But first let me tell you why I was in dilemma. Being an experienced associate in an auditing firm, I am considered for promotion to senior associate. And I know I must render a definite decision before the promotion because if not, no matter if I could get my dream job, it would be hard for me to come out. So the anxiety. My senior even told me an honest assessment – he thinks I still can learn a lot from the firm. It left me a bit confused. A week before the promotion, I literally would cry myself to sleep. But I was holding on to His promises. To clear my mind, I even requested for a pray over in my spiritual community to help me. I even thought, maybe the Lord want me to stay in the firm for a while. I surrendered my case and let Him be.

The company texted me and scheduled me for another series of interview with the SVPs and EVPs; I confirmed. With God’s confidence and strength, I carried on. After all the interviews, the HR manager then told asked me when can I start with them, she also told me that they’ll email me with their offer and that I have to undergo medical exam on the succeeding week!

After stepping out of the company’s premises, I was teary eyed. Overwhelming feelings enveloped me and my smile wasn’t erased throughout the day (even up to this moment). What’s more? They emailed the offer and they gave me my desired salary. Wow. And I never thought it would be this good.

Through it all, I reflect and realize that God made me experience all those- disappointments, discouragement, anxiety so He can do something in me. I’ve learned to trust Him more. That experience really made such an impact in my life that now I have a living testimony of His faithfulness.

I know this all happens so that He may be glorified. And I’m such honored to be used by God. Today, I have less worries, I just know that my life is in His hands because I may fail but He won’t. Never. I just experienced it. :)



  1. Juli

    Good luck on your new job! I know you’ll do well, as always. I love you, Banana!

    • Thanks so much girl. Love you too.. You, too, always excel. Text mo pa din ako lagi. Mwah! :)

  2. manet

    aia girl, i so love you dont forget that. thanks so much for everything. godbless sa new job mo. :)

    • thanks so much din manet. keep in touch, we’ll still see each other. love you too girl :)


    Can i also leave a comment here?

    • You already did. Haha. Thanks ate jas :)

  4. I was humbled by this.. i really admire your faith aya.. thanks for all the pieces of advice you’ve generously shared with me.. i’ll miss you more than i think i will.. thank you for inspiring me.. may God bless you more in your next job.. and i pray that you’ll continue to be a blessing to other people, as you do to me.. Mwahugs!!! :)

    • Thanks so much tessa girl! I will miss you too! But we’ll see each other pa din! Thanks for everything din, especially your wonderful insights. I know you are a blessing to a lot of people. May God bless you more. Mwah!

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