Of Discipleship

One Sunday night, I was so down and feeling blue. I just poured out my concerns to a friend and was kind of feeling less about myself. Wanting to gain my composure and usual jolly self, I joined my cousins who were playing with my youngest brother. Out of nothing, I asked my cousin, “kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon na magkaron ng kapatid, gusto mo maging kapatid si Miggy?”. I was referring to my youngest brother in whom she is very fond of. My cousin actually was a single child. I was not prepared for her answer. She looked at me intenly and told me, “hindi ate, gusto ko ikaw ang maging kapatid ko“. I was astonished. Then she began telling me how the “commit to the Lord all and pray, and expect everything to be ok” that I taught her works on her life and how it has blessed her especially in her studies. It suddenly dawned to me that during those days that I committed into bringing souls to Jesus by loving, being an inspiration, creating a positive relationship with people, I actually made one soul closer to Him. The I recall the days when I am so filled by God’s spirit, I spoke so well and maintained a cheerful attitude to my relatives and friends. I was not aware because I actually was seeing my weakness, of what was missing on me. I never realized the truth that whenever I say “yes” to Him on whatever He wants me to do for His glory, it is not I but Him who is in work..
That encounter brought back my confidence. Because of that, I became even more inspired to love more people, serve them in practical ways, and be Jesus to them.
That night, I slept with a smile on my face. :)


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  1. Amen.. :)

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