Why Daddy’s girl?

I have decided to explain why I use the term, though no one seems to be asking, or could be that they never thought something deeper is behind it.

Daddy number 1

When I was a child, I was a self-confessed daddy’s girl. I do not know why, but I seem to be closer to my Dad than to my Mom. Perhaps it is because when my parents separated years ago (yes they did, a lot of times, but with God’s grace they’re still together now and just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary) me and my older brother was left with my father.

My father isn’t perfect, and he’s far from being anyone. But I wouldn’t trade him for anyone in this world. He may sometimes be bad-tempered, easily angered and wants things his way but that’s actually how we grew afraid of him thus avoiding things which will disappoint him. And his reasons for being that are actually for our own.

My dad is also someone who enjoys cracking jokes through his no nonsense, nerve cracking trivia. He is also a champion in “philosophizing” things. He reiterates the obvious in a funny yet sensible way.

But what he really really loves and confessed to be more important than my mom (!) though I doubt it, is basketball. He is definitely passionate about the sport and up to now, at his seemingly old age; he never seems to abandon the sport. I have seen him experience a lot because of it, triumphs, heartbreaks, pains, failure. For once, he coached our barangay’s team in the town basketball league, and actually made it into the finals. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to be the champion though everybody in town expected us to win. To that failure, I’ve seen my father mourn. For days, he can hardly eat and would most of the time, lie on his bed. I even remember him saying he will never again coach a team. (Clearly, this turn out to be unsuccessful)

As he once said, “ang basketball, buhay ko na yan”, which is evident in his actions.

But I believe what he does most excellently is being a father to us. He may be super stingy at the point that he will always try to be thrift (as opposed to my mother), but to him I learned the value of money. And yes perhaps inherited the trait of being “kuripot”. :D

He may be so stern and serious looking, but he is actually corny when it comes to us and his close friends. And he is so sweet even if he can hardly express his feeling and emotions. One time he told me the exact date I started my work in SGV&Co. and I was surprised because I never thought he could remember. I asked him how he knew and he just replied, “Siyempre, anak kita eh.” I was so touched and teary but didn’t show him that.

Daddy number 2

Okay, enough for my father on earth. This one, I’ll be, well, describing my relationship with my heavenly Dad.

I do not know how to start it but I think the reason why I am attached to my dad (on earth) is because I am longing for my heavenly father. This Someone can do things beyond what my father on earth can do, and even more.

He uplifts me when I’m sad, He tells me to trust Him when I’m doubting, He comforts me when I experience a heartbreak, He provides for my daily needs, He is everywhere I go and protects me even if I’m unaware. He is always in front, at the back, and on my side, and even though I am such a coward, I found strength in Him.

He smiles when He is pleased at what I have done, and that is one of my goals in life.

He continues to reveal Himself on me as I continue to seek Him.

I have caused Him so much pain and sorrow for my sins, but He still lovingly accepts me.

He makes me feel His presence in a variety of ways – looking at a profoundly beautiful nature, the laughter of a child, the smile of a stranger, the unexpected help I get from a friend, and much more.

He promised, promises and continues to fulfill His promises to me.

He treats me as a princess, and protects me from all possible harm.

He spoils me with blessings, but also teaches me to grow through trials.

He loves me so much He gave His only Son for me.

And I have this very wonderful relationship with Him, too.

He is the Great I Am.

The one who thinks I am so beautiful and wonderful inside and out.

I am a beauty queen to Him, an amazing person who can fulfill things beyond I can imagine.

To Him I owe my life, and to Him I offer my own life.


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