The Yes that Was

*This entry was originally written on the eve of December 31, 2011.

 How was 2011 to me?

Plainly, it was a year of transformation. It was transformation in many areas which sprung out of a single “Yes” I uttered. Yet, it would not have been possible without His continuous seeking and His unconditional love for me. 

That “Yes” made all the positive difference in me. Yes, I am still a work-in-progress but in comparison with my old self, I believe I have been better. No credits from myself. I just said “yes”, and He worked for the rest. Those changes are (not exclusively):

  1. I’ve tremendously grown in my spiritual life and with my relationship with Jesus. I do not know, but I’ve been craving for Him.
  2. I’ve been practicing tithing, something I never thought of doing (and actually questioning) before. I’ve learned that to tithe means to trust more. Because how can you be certain that you’ll still have enough for tomorrow?
  3. I’ve grown more patient. God is really simple. I’ve always prayed for more patience and strength and yes, He gave me situations; mostly disheartening, difficult and hopeless. But for those, I am grateful for those events teached me more.

I’ve been tremendously blessed this year and I look forward for the coming year and years of greater blessing and growing near Him.

For 2012, I will grow more abundantly, love more genuinely, work excellently and serve wholeheartedly with Him by my side..


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