I read the bible every day. I am subscribed to daily God’s message. I read Bro. Bo’s soulfood each time he emails one. I listen to worship songs and powerful preaching. I pray most of the time.

But still, I am thirsty. I feel like, yes, I am getting to know God. Yet I feel isolated. I feel far. I don’t feel I am intimate to Him.

I pause and look back. When are the instances that I feel His intimate presence? I realized: It’s when I am at home, “wasting” time with my loved ones, playing with my youngest brother, chatting with my sisters, arguing with my dad. It’s when I laugh so hard when my ka-barkadas (especially Bualaw) cracks jokes. It’s the quality time I spend with the persons who knows and accepts me as I am. It’s when I am surrounded with people who inspire me, people who are Jesus to me, and people I would most willingly like to serve. It’s when I serve them in their most basic needs. It’s when I can make someone realize he/she is great, loved, and cared for.

Those are the moments I feel God’s presence. It’s when I feel embraced, loved, gazed upon, touched by His limitless and unbounded love for me. Yes, I can get to know Him through various mediums. But in order to fully live, I’ve got to experience Him. And experiencing Him means loving just like Him, caring just like Him, forgiving just like Him, serving just like Him.

 And because lately, I am almost always alone and far from my loved ones, I feel the craving for Him much greater..

But God never ever leaves me alone. I know. He has given surprises all along. He keeps on reminding me to entrust, have faith and be patient. And well, despite being away from loved ones, to feel His presence right here. To create love whenever I go, to pursue and continue loving each person He sends along my way. And I thank Him. My prayer is that, this yearning and craving will never fade away. I want the fire and passions to grow close to Him to endure. 


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