Cross Road

I am at this point right now. Indecisive. Afraid. Anxious. For the last few weeks, I’ve been bugged by what I should do. To stay or not. To endure or to be free. To continue compromising my happinness just to prove “something”.

I wonder how significant a title can be to me. I wonder if it is worth all the time that should have been spent with my loved ones, of all the tears of solitude, of all the hurt of being degraded each time, of all the stress that takes away lively hours of life.

And I know, the answer is a resounding “no”.

So yes, now, at this point of cross road I am taking the road most travelled, the road to make myself more controllable, the road where I can make the most of my youth life to the fullest..

And yes, I may regret. But I’ll stand up for this. I’ll stand up for what I chose.

Anyway, I know, a Great Hand is holding me. I trust, although the future is uncertain. I have faith, although I may be missing a big opportunity.

And I’ll positively look ahead and not behind. With His grace :)


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