I know that I shouldn’t be acting this way. I still believe that no matter how awful everything seems to be going around me, there is still something good in it. As the bible says, every season is a time to rejoice and to do something good. I know, along the way, the purposes of these events will be revealed to me. In the right time and circumstances.

I’m holding on. I know GOD wouldn’t give me something I cannot handle. I believe God wants me to be happy. He wants me to stand up for what is good and give my best. He wants me to help and be a blessing to other people. He wants me to be strong enough to carry the daily challenges and be an inspiration to other people.

I know, that for whatever it is that is stored for me, God wants me to fulfill all of those things with complete trust on Him.

I know I cannot control what other people would react or do towards me and my loved ones. I can only hope that by God’s grace, I will be able to choose and still do what is right and good.


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