30 Things in 30 Years

I find that the more a woman gets old, the lovelier she becomes.


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Thankful for Barcelona Fam for this precious gift of quality time and relaxation! :)

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The Wedding Series: 5 things I love about our wedding (Part 5)

At last, I have found home. I have come home. I am home.

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The Wedding Series: 5 things I love about our wedding (Part 4)

Wedding is one of those life event when there quite a handful of traditions, right? After all, it’s not just two people coming together. There is also a fusion of families, different social backgrounds and values. Being both from the same town, Jhoven and I decided to have our wedding the traditional way. I think brides and grooms from Batangas can relate. Batangas weddings are different from the usual one-day event. The involvement of families is much visible and preparing is-can I say less stressful? So for the fourth part, here is one thing I love about our wedding. Tradition. And yes, I didn’t think I’d say that.

First of all, there is what we in Batangas call “Pulungan” or in common parlance, “Pamamanhikan”. This is when the family of the groom, together with his family and relatives, would go to the house of the bride to formally discuss about the wedding. In Batangas tradition, there is the “pator” or the elderly or normally barangay captain who leads the discussion from both sides. Details like date and time of the wedding, church and reception, the number of pigs and cow, and even the list of ninongs and ninangs are being agreed upon. It was overwhelming to see the support of both our families!

From “paglalawo” to “pagkakalamay” to “lipatan”, to “pahapunan” and the wedding itself, we never felt abandoned. I’ve never fully understood and appreciated this kind of tradition until it was our turn to experience it. It was overwhelming, truly. To see relatives, some I don’t personally know sending goodies and anything they could offer or help in preparing “kalamay at suman.” I heard there was someone who helped in transporting the pigs who got injured during the process that he has to be assisted to the hospital to be checked. Bayanihan in Batangas is still very alive and I thank God for having experienced it first-hand. I’d never look at “baysanan” the same way again, knowing very well the level of stress of each “nanunulungan”, the long nights and fatigue, and whichever way they sacrificed just so we could celebrate well. I read it somewhere that it takes a village for a wedding to be celebrated, and it is exactly how weddings in Batangas are. And from that moment I became even more aware and convinced that I live in a community and I must also help and pay forward the kindness that was extended to us. Let the pictures tell the story! :)




Ang mga kalamay. This was done by Jhoven’s family.


They were doing this at midnight because it has to be done by morning.


So much help from neighbors and relatives!


Leche flan!


These yummy ‘tamalis” will be used for “sabugan”.


The man in green is my father while the one in gray is my cousin. They were fixing the electric wiring in the basketball court where we will hold the reception.


This is in our side, doing “tamalis” and “suman” during midnight.


My grandmother! I was very touched that she finds time to help despite her condition. <3


Fixing the electrical wiring


During “lipatan”. My mother-in-law has to carry my gown in her head. Not sure of the reason why.


The “sabit”. These are what we will give our ninongs and ninangs before our wedding as a token for agreeing to become our sponsors



During “pahapunan”, when the prosperity dance takes place. Family and friends shower us with monetary gifts pinned on our shoulders.


I remember looking into his eyes and realizing how closer we are to our dream <3

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! :)

The Wedding Series: 5 things I love about our wedding (Part 3)

God knows the desires of your heart.

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